Web design & development

I create websites that help the user see themselves in a scenario where a product helps them. I create websites that will be trusted.

Instead of useless stock images, I use explanatory demonstrations and examples. Instead of obvious visuals, I use ones that are fresh and reinforce the message. I also create illustration to increase the beauty and usefulness of the site. For web development I use Webflow, Readymag and Tilda.

Logos & identity design

When I work on a new logo, I always try to come up with some new graphic technique to make the logo more recognizable.

I automate the design process to make the result faster. For example, I use Shape spectrum — a system of 3000 geometric shapes, which I created myself. I find appropriate graphic directions in Spectrum and use them to come up with new designs. This way I find a solution faster.

Спектр формы — продукт, дизайн сайта и его разработка
The Shape spectrum is the world's largest system of geometric shapes. It contains 3000 geometric vector objects. It's like a color spectrum, but for a shape. Designers use this tool to reduce sketching time and invent new things quickly. I made the product, came up with the design of the promo page and developed it on Webflow. I also wrote all the text on the page.

Blue Ocean Bureau • web design & illustrations

Blue Ocean Bureau — дизайн сайта
У агенства коммуникаций имелись ожидаемо хорошие тексты на сайте, но нужно было обязательно их читать — не было более легкого способа понять полезность компании.

Решал задачу при помощи наглядных примеров и схем вида «до / после». В целом подачу информацию сделал более наглядной: например, последовательность из 6 пунктов по смыслу объединил в 3 групп.
Max Larin — дизайн и разработка сайта
This is a personal site for a technology businessman. To avoid the feeling that Max is trying to sell himself, I treated this task like designing a first meeting with a person.

What do we expect from a person when we meet them and what does a positive first meeting experience look like? For me, the key things (besides politeness) seemed to be honesty and a lack of self-praise. We do not expect that in the first conversation a person will make a long monologue about himself.

To make the site honest and credible, I used several photos of Max with different emotions, as well as external simplicity in design. Max's accomplishments are mentioned neutrally — no stream of epithets, just facts.

Mary’s Recipes • web design & illustrations

Mary’s Recipes — дизайн сайта
Mary’s Recipes — приложение про рецепты и еду. Сделал для сайта дизайн, который помогает создать настроение «приготовить что-нибудь вкусненькое». Для этого нарисовал подходящие иллюстрации, использовал «съедобный» шрифт и другие приемы. Еще сделал так, чтобы польза от приложения могла ощутиться без его скачивания: прямо на сайте доступна пара рецептов. Немного поучаствовал в написании текстов.

OpenAI • logo & identity

OpenAI — айдентика
I made a concept of an identity for OpenAI because I think the company is very important for our future. Its mission is to ensure that artificial general intelligence will benefit all of humanity and not become controlled by a small group of people.

Tennix, Worknet • logos

Tennix — логотипWorknet — логотип

Pettern • logo & identity

Pettern — айдентика
The company helps people buy clothes for their pets. Initially, I set myself not to use an image of clothes, because that's what everyone does. I made an image of a person hugging a cat, because clothing for pets is not about fabric, it's about caring. I showed the connection between the human and the pet by drawing a single line between them.